An Ancient foundation

St Edeyrn’s Church is the oldest church in our ministry area, and possibly one of the oldest places of worship in Wales.

St Edeyrn, to whom the Church is dedicated, was born in this district in AD 464. Later, Edeyrn founded a religious community on the banks of the river Rumney. This community, comprising 300 members, was centred on the site now occupied by the Church.

It was the Normans who were responsible for the establishment of the present building, as a Chapel of Ease for the mother church of St Mary in Cardiff centre (which has since been demolished).

A rapidly changing parish

From 1236 to the 19th Century, Llanedeyrn was a parish in its own right, within the Diocese of Llandaff. In 1835, it was was grouped with St Mellons, and in 1923, the construction of All Saints Church on Cyncoed Road was completed. At around the same time, the new Diocese of Monmouth had been created, with Cyncoed Road as its Westernmost border.

Responding to the rapid growth of the city of Cardiff, and a dramatic increase in population, in 1949 the new separate parishes of Llanedeyrn and St Mellon’s were created, and St Edeyrn’s became the parish church.

During the 1970s, both the school congregations at the All Saints and St David’s schools were established as a way of reaching the new Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn housing estates. In 1979, and now one of the most populous parishes in Wales, the old ‘Parish of Llanedeyrn’ became the new ‘Rectorial Benefice of Cyncoed’, with All Saints Cyncoed made the benefice church.

Becoming a ministry area

In September 2014, the Rectorial Benefice of Cyncoed became one of the first Ministry Areas in the Diocese of Monmouth. Building on the firm foundation of the past, the new Ministry Area continues to be a faithful witness in the communities of North East Cardiff.