The Good Stranger- Christian Aid Week – 7th May

The Good Stranger- Christian Aid Week – 7th May

What’s today about?

It’s Christian aid week and the work they do all around the world helps our global neighbours! Lots of people are helping their friends neighbours and strangers during Lockdown. Where they can’t leave their house because they could get sick.  Christian Aid has asked us to think about our global neighbours who they might be. 

In our bible story we will explore the story of the good stranger, a person who helps even though they weren’t meant to get on. God wants us to love each other because we are all his children. 

We will listen to the bible story, Pray and explore what it means to us. 

Hearing from the bible! 

Let’s listen to this bible story: 

You can find that story in the bible at Luke 10. 25-37

Questions? Choose one of the following questions. 

What parts of the story were your favourites? 

What were the most important parts?

Has someone you didn’t know helped you? 

Who is your neighbour? 

Let’s Pray – Paper Aeroplanes 


  • Paper 
  • Pens

What to do: 

Listen to Rose’s story (you may need a parent to help you read the subtitles): 

Make a paper aeroplane or ask a adult to show you how, If you  or they need help then follow this link:


Write or draw a prayer for those in need around the world or even to those around you. Maybe a friend or family member. Maybe someone further away like Rose who needs help.

Throw your planes together as a sign of God hearing them and being with the people you prayed for. 

Responding to the story: 

Have a go at one of these activities to help think about the story: 

Craft – Helping Hands 

The story of the good Stranger reminds us that god want us to help others even if they are different to us. Christian aid works around the world helping our world neighbours. This craft will help us think about who we can show gods love to through helping them. 


  • Paper or card 
  • Scissors (get a parent to help!)
  • Pens 
  • String or stapler

What to do:

1. Get your resources together.

2. Stack your paper up 

3. Draw round your hand twice on the same bit of paper

4. You can either repeat drawing round your hand on each sheet or (with parental help) hold all the sheets together and cut round the outline of the hands. 

5. Write helping hands on the top one 

6. Staple or poke holes and tie together with string 

7. Draw or write people you are going to help. Clara drew her cousin she’s going to send something nice to and a Christian Aid helper who we are donating to. 

Think: Why do you think God wants us to look after people?

Craft – Bandages

Christian Aid works tirelessly around the world to help those who are suffering due to not having access to medical care. They help people no mater what their ages, skin colour or what country they are from. Like the good stranger from the story helping someone in need who they didn’t know bandaging his wounds. He didn’t just leave him there he also made sure he was safe. 


  • Paper 
  • Old fabric (not the nice bed sheets!)
  • Bandages (old ones unused!)
  • Pens

What to do: 

  • Take what ever  “bandage material” you have either Paper, fabric or bandages. 
  • Write who’s my neighbour on your bandage. 
  • Hang it up in your room as a reminder to help people even if they are different to us. 

Think: When you are scared who do you go to for help? 

Craft – Friendship bracelet

During lockdown it has been hard not seeing our friends. As well as not have the usual people around us who would help us. Christian Aid is a friend to those in need around the world in some of the most difficult areas due to famine, war and poverty. Make a friendship bracelet as a reminder to pray and support those in need around the world. (you could make it in red like the christian aid colours)


  • Wool, thread or string
  • Tape 
  • Scissors

How to

Follow the link to learn how to

Think: With a parents permission or help look at way charities like Christian Aid are helping people around the world. 

Activity Sheet

Christian Aid has made an activity sheet for Christian Aid week

Think: Can you imagine not having food or water; would you want someone to help you? 

Song idea

This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham – This video has some child friendly dance moves as well! 

Comment below how you got on! 

If you would like resources posted to you then please be in touch.