Sunday school – Easter Sunday

Sunday school – Easter Sunday

What’s today about?

Its Easter! Jesus is alive! 

I wonders what your favourite part about easter is? Chocolate? Easter eggs? Bunnies? 

My favourite part is the story of Jesus death and resurrection. We hear that god loved the world so much that Jesus came to earth Showed us how to live and taught about what god was like but the leaders didn’t like that so they put him to death on a cross he died to beat sin and death for us. 

We will listen to the Easter story, pray together and respond to the story in a creative way. 

Hearing from the bible! 

Let’s listen to this bible story: 

You can find that story in the bible Matthew 28: 1-10


Choose one of the following questions. 

  1. What parts of the story were your favourites? 
  2. What were the most important parts?
  3. How would you feel if you where one of Jesus friends and you found out he was alive? 
  4. If you could be any character in the story who would you be? 

Lets Pray – Paper towel prayers


Paper towel 

Felt pens 

Bowl of water 

Follow this video to see what to do: 

Ideas for prayers:

Thank God for all new life

Thank god for loving us 

Ask God for new life and forgiveness for something we have done wrong. 

Responding to the story: 

Have a go at one of these activities to help think about the story: 

Craft: Colourful crosses 


paper  of different colour 

White paper or card 

Chalk, Crayons or pens

Two ways of making a colourful cross either with 

Chalk, Crayons or pens: 

Or with paper:

Think: The cross was used to put Jesus to death but christians use it as a sign of new life and death being beaten.  What is something bad you would change for good?

Craft: Biscuit Tombs


  • Rich Tea or digestive 
  • Jammy dodger or biscuit with whole in 
  • Chocolate buttons or mini eggs 
  • Icing sugar  
  • Food colouring
  • Decorations 
  • A parent to help cut 

Here is how to make them:

  1. Cut off the bottom of the jammy dogger 
  2. Take the Rich tea and cover it in icing sugar you can dye it green to make it look like grass. 
  3. Stick the jammy dogger on to the biscuit. 
  4. And the button in front of the hole in the middle of the jammy dogger
  5. Add decorations if you have them and voila you have an edible tomb. 

Think: Easter is a time for Joy celebration and sweet things as well as sharing them too. How can you share the celebration of Jesus being alive at easter ?

Game: Egg race


  • egg or balls *they can pretend to be eggs
  • Spoons 
  • Decorations if you want to decorate the egg or ball

How to play:

  1. Set a start and finish line . 
  2. Put your eggs/balls on the spoon 
  3. Count down 3.. 2… 1.. Then Go 
  4. First the the finish line wins! 

Think: Eggs are a sign of new life at easter they remind us of Jesus beating death. Have you ever seen a new born baby or animal? How did it feel? 




Think: Have you heard something really hard to believe? Like giraffes only sleep 30mins a night or warthogs can run 30mph! Jesus’ Friends must have had a hard time believing he was alive but he was! 

Song idea: 

This is amazing grace: Bethel Kids

Lyric Video: 

Comment below how you got on!