Media on Spiritual Life

Media on Spiritual Life

Sunday 14th February

Transfiguration Sunday Looking for a way to feel part of something bigger than yourself? Join us as we gather together for this Sunday’s online service! 💒 ❤️ Join with others across our Ministry Area family, and neighbouring parishes, as we strengthen and sustain one another. 🗻 Hear the account of the Transfiguration, as Jesus’ glory is revealed in dazzling light on the mountaintop, and his four friends are caught up in awe and wonder. 🕯 Explore what it means to…

Sunday 31st January

Candlemas Join us for our online Eucharist as we celebrate the Feast of Candlemas! 🕯 👩‍🍼 Hear Anna and Simeon’s response to encountering the infant Christ in the temple in our gospel reading. 💒 Draw near with others who are searching for a sense of God’s light and love in our world today. 🥖🍷 Join in our celebration of the Eucharist from where you are, and have the opportunity make your own spiritual communion.

Sunday 17th January

Second Sunday of Epiphany Are you searching for meaning in the midst of so much difficulty and despair? Well, so are we… ❤️ Join with us for this week’s online Sunday service as we continue to journey together: 👂 Think about how God seeks us out, even in our questions and doubts. 🕯 Find belonging, comfort and hope as we gather together in Spirit. 🙏 Pray for the people, places and situations on your heart at the moment.

Your Faith Family

All Saints’ Day Readings: Revelation 7. 9-12; Matthew 5. 1-12 (view all) I wonder: Who are your faith heroes? Perhaps a Saint from church history, a friend who you look up to, or someone who supported you through a difficult period. The faith hero I’d like to share with you is a little old woman from Aberystwyth called Ollie. Ollie had an incredible smile, and, as a retired teacher, she had a real heart for the young people in the…

The Art of Rest

Fourth Sunday in Creation Readings: Leviticus 25. 1-7; John 6. 1-15 (view all) A sermon reflecting on our need for rest, both as human beings and for God’s world.

Good Friday 2020

‘The Way of the Cross’, our Good Friday online service. Readings, reflections, music and prayers to guide us through the Stations of the Cross.

In the wilderness

Either way, as we consider today’s readings, I wonder what we can learn about living in the wilderness of life, and how to be sustained spiritually in the midst of difficult times? Given the times in which we are currently living, with the spread of the Coronavirus, and the increasing concern it brings, this is perhaps a very timely theme to explore together.

Stop climbing the mountain

In our gospel reading this morning, we contemplate one of the most extraordinary events recorded in the gospels, aside from the resurrection itself. In this mountaintop experience, Jesus is transfigured, his appearance completely transformed, as the disciples Peter, James and John look on astounded. So as we reflect on today’s readings, what can we learn about God’s presence with us, through not just the highs, but also the lows of life?

Finding God in our worries

On this Creation Sunday, our readings invite us to trust in the Creator, who provides for all his creatures, but also challenge us to reflect honestly on the broken state of our world, in which there is so much to make us anxious. So as we reflect on God’s character as our creator, and the nature of his creation, I wonder how we can live more fully as God’s children?

Finding Light in Darkness

In our readings this morning, we continue the Epiphany theme of light dawning in darkness, as Jesus is shown to fulfil the prophecy of Isaiah, and calls his first disciples. I wonder how Christ’s invitation for us to follow him today can help us to deal with the darkness in our own lives, and in the world around us?

Lamb of God

Second Sunday of Epiphany Readings: Isaiah 49.1-7; Psalm 40.1-11; 1 Corinthians 1.1-9; John 1.29-42 (view all) Having just concluded a period of celebration of the amazing and wonderful birth of Jesus… His virgin birth. The angels announcing his birth to the very startled shepherds. The three wise men who had travelled a vast distance over a long period of time, guided by a star. The need for his parents to flee with him to Egypt for his own safety, when…
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