Sermons on Cross

Sermons on Cross

Passion Sunday

Sunday 21st March ✝️ Prepare for the events of Holy Week, exploring how dying to live is at the heart of faith. ❤️ Be strengthened by joining with others across our Ministry Area family in our triumphs and struggles. 🙏 Pray with us for God’s presence in the people, places and situations that our on our hearts today.

The Way of the Cross

Twelfth Sunday after Trinity Readings: Romans 12. 9-21; Matthew 16. 21-28 (view all) I wonder when you last experienced a truly anti-climatic event? It might have been a sporting event that didn’t end the way you wanted. Or an ending to a film or TV series, that didn’t go down the way you were expecting it. Or even the personal experience in your work or social life, of putting huge energy into planning an event which then, either because of…

A new kind of King

Palm Sunday Liturgy of the Palms: Mark 11.1-11 Liturgy of the Passion: Isaiah 50.4-9a; Psalm 31.9-16; Philippians 2.5-11; Mark 15.1-47 (view all) For our first wedding anniversary, I decided to take Amy away for a weekend away in Paris. It’s the only holiday, as far as I can remember, that I completely organised myself. I booked a really reasonably-priced hotel close to the centre of Paris, near the Arc de Triomph, and sorted out train tickets and everything else we…

The hour has come

Passion Sunday Readings: Jeremiah 31.31-34; Psalm 51.1-13; Hebrews 5.5-10; John 12.20-33 (view all) One of the most difficult funerals I’ve had to take in my ministry so far, was for a young man in his twenties who had died of a drug overdose. It was one of those situations as a minister where there is just nothing you can say, and even finding any words to express that family’s grief, not just for their son but also for all their dreams…