Sermons on Children of God

Sermons on Children of God

The Gift (and Pain) of Love

In many ways I am incredibly fortunate that my parents, my mum and dad, have always been a safety net for me. Whether it was when, aged 19, I wrote off the car he had just given me a few weeks before, and Dad left a meeting in Cardiff to sort it all out and be there with me, without even a word of anger. Or whether it was when later on, when Evie was just over a year old, she was rushed into hospital and my Mum drove across Wales in the middle of the night and sat with us the whole time she was in surgery (Evie is now completely fine by the way). Today though, as we give thanks for the role our mums have played in our lives, I’m painfully aware that for many this will be a difficult day.

Our Resurrection Family

Easter Day Readings: Isaiah 25.6-9; Psalm 118.14-21; Acts 10.34-43; John 20.1-18 (view all) I love this time of year, and I’m always reminded of being outside back home in Mid Wales, where I grew up. There are two things that always straight away let me know that it’s Spring time. The first is that there are daffodils springing up everywhere — all around the edges of my parents’ garden and on the grass verges on the side of the roads. And…

The Joy of Being Found

The Second Sunday of Epiphany Readings: 1 Samuel 3.1-10; Psalm 139.1-6, 13-18; Revelation 5.1-10; John 1.43-51 (view all) It’s funny, the memories we have that stick with us. I still have a vivid memory of the first time I got ‘lost’ in a shop. I couldn’t have been older than about six or seven, and as we were browsing around a department store I was distracted by a video game which was playing on the screen at the end of…


Epiphany One: The Baptism of Christ Readings: Genesis 1.1-5; Psalm 29; Acts 19.1-7; Mark 1.4-11 (view all) I’ve always had a really healthy relationship with my parents, but growing up there have been phases when things have been more strained and there has been tension. I remember particularly a phase during my teenage years where I felt under a lot of pressure – pressure to achieve at school, pressure to make a success of things. There was a particular moment…