"Online" Tagged Media

"Online" Tagged Media

Sunday 17th January

Second Sunday of Epiphany Are you searching for meaning in the midst of so much difficulty and despair? Well, so are we… ❤️ Join with us for this week’s online Sunday service as we continue to journey together: 👂 Think about how God seeks us out, even in our questions and doubts. 🕯 Find belonging, comfort and hope as we gather together in Spirit. 🙏 Pray for the people, places and situations on your heart at the moment.

Sunday 10th January

The Baptism of Christ Looking for the strength to keep going in the midst of another lockdown? Join us for this week’s online service! 💒 💧 Reflect on the story of Jesus’ baptism, looking for some truth to resonate in your life today. 🕯 Find belonging, comfort and hope as we gather together in Spirit. 🙏 Pray for the people, places and situations on your heart at the moment.

Epiphany Sermon

The Epiphany of our Lord Readings: Isaiah 60. 1-16, Matthew 2. 1-12 (view all) May I, first of all, take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, safe and healthy new year. The season of the Epiphany is one that’s traditionally linked to the visit of the magi to the young Jesus, with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. But the season lasts much longer than simply the services held around January 6th, the actual feast day. It…

Sunday 3rd January 2020

The Epiphany of our Lord Join us for our first online Sunday service of the New Year – with our special guest preacher, the Rt Revd Cherry Vann, Bishop of Monmouth! 💒 ✨ Reflect with Bishop Cherry on the Epiphany – the visit of the three Magi – and discover why doing more isn’t always the answer. 💕 Find meaning, comfort and hope as we gather together in Spirit. 🙏 Pray for the people, places and situations on your heart…

From darkness into light

St John the Evangelist Readings: 1 John 1; John 21. 19b-24 (view all) Our daughter Evie was born just a few days before Christmas on the 21st. It’s a mixed bag having your birthday so near to Christmas, and although Evie has never seemed to mind it at all, we did worry at first that her birthday might be eclipsed by the larger celebration of Christmas. As I began preparing today’s sermon, I wondered whether, perhaps somewhere in heaven, St…

God of the Poor

The Feast of Christ the King Readings: Ezekiel 34. 11-16, 20-24; Matthew 25. 31-46 (view all) At one stage a few years ago, my daughter Evie had a favourite phrase whenever something didn’t go her way — ‘It’s not fair!’ Whether it was being denied a treat or being told she couldn’t do something that she really wanted, in her mind straight away, her fairness alarm was triggered. As human beings we often bring a strong sense of fairness to…

Your Faith Family

All Saints’ Day Readings: Revelation 7. 9-12; Matthew 5. 1-12 (view all) I wonder: Who are your faith heroes? Perhaps a Saint from church history, a friend who you look up to, or someone who supported you through a difficult period. The faith hero I’d like to share with you is a little old woman from Aberystwyth called Ollie. Ollie had an incredible smile, and, as a retired teacher, she had a real heart for the young people in the…

Bible Sunday

Last Sunday after Trinity Readings: Colossians 3. 12-17; Matthew 24. 30-35 (view all) A sermon for Bible Sunday, reflecting on how God’s word can guide us today.

Healthcare Sunday

Feast of St Luke Readings: Isaiah 35. 3-6, Luke 10. 1-9 (view all) A sermon for Healthcare Sunday and the Feast of St Luke, reflecting on our calling to join with Christ in his ministry of healing, wholeness and reconciliation.

The Art of Rest

Fourth Sunday in Creation Readings: Leviticus 25. 1-7; John 6. 1-15 (view all) A sermon reflecting on our need for rest, both as human beings and for God’s world.

Living Simply and Generously

Readings: 2 Corinthians 9. 6-15; Luke 12. 16-30 (view all) I wonder how good you are at sharing? For me, there are some things I’m better at sharing than others. I like to think I’m pretty good at sharing control of the TV remote or the last chocolate in the box. However, my wife Amy is certain that I always try to pour myself a larger glass of wine than the one I give her. I’m sure every parent will…