Saints' Days

Saints' Days

From darkness into light

St John the Evangelist Readings: 1 John 1; John 21. 19b-24 (view all) Our daughter Evie was born just a few days before Christmas on the 21st. It’s a mixed bag having your birthday so near to Christmas, and although Evie has never seemed to mind it at all, we did worry at first that her birthday might be eclipsed by the larger celebration of Christmas. As I began preparing today’s sermon, I wondered whether, perhaps somewhere in heaven, St…

Sunday 27th December 2020

Our Ministry Area online service for the Feast of St John the Evangelist. Readings: 1 John 1; John 21. 19b-24 (view all) Service Leader: The Revd Matt DavisPreacher: The Revd James HenleyPrayers: Julia Durham

Your Faith Family

All Saints’ Day Readings: Revelation 7. 9-12; Matthew 5. 1-12 (view all) I wonder: Who are your faith heroes? Perhaps a Saint from church history, a friend who you look up to, or someone who supported you through a difficult period. The faith hero I’d like to share with you is a little old woman from Aberystwyth called Ollie. Ollie had an incredible smile, and, as a retired teacher, she had a real heart for the young people in the…

Healthcare Sunday

Feast of St Luke Readings: Isaiah 35. 3-6, Luke 10. 1-9 (view all) A sermon for Healthcare Sunday and the Feast of St Luke, reflecting on our calling to join with Christ in his ministry of healing, wholeness and reconciliation.

David, Non & the miracle of ministry

In David’s time, and the centuries following, it was through the lens of these mystical, often miraculous stories, and through the landscape itself, that people made sense of their spirituality. In our time, though, things seem much more complicated. The boundaries of our rational worldview are much more tightly framed. Heaven can seem a very distant place, and any spiritual experiences are easy to doubt, explaining them away through psychological reasoning. So what does the life of our patron, Dewi Sant, have to say to us today, living in a very different world?

Standing at the Tomb

Feast of Mary Magdalene Readings: Song of Solomon 3. 1-4; Psalm 42. 1 – 8; 2 Corinthians 5. 14-17; John 20. 1, 2, 11-18 (view all) My Father’s side of the family are North Yorkshire farmers, so I have lots of fantastic memories growing up of going to visit the farm. I also remember being jealous of the exciting things that my cousins were able to do growing up, like hand-rearing lambs and riding cross country motorbikes around the fields.…

A Small Part in a Big Story

Nativity of John the Baptist Readings: Isaiah 40. 1-11; Psalm 85. 5-12; Acts 13. 14b-26; Luke 1. 57-66, 80 (view all) As I’m sure you can imagine, my wife Amy and I have lots of conversations about our daughter, Evie. What kind of person would we like her to grow up to become? What will she be like when she’s older? What career path will she choose? Who is it that God might be calling her to be? In this…