Media on Revelation

Media on Revelation

Sunday 24th January

Third Sunday of Epiphany Join with us for this Sunday’s online service: 🕯 Find belonging, comfort and hope as we gather together in Spirit.🍶 Think about how God’s kingdom is like a wedding feast.🙏 Pray for the people, places and situations on your heart at the moment.

Your Faith Family

All Saints’ Day Readings: Revelation 7. 9-12; Matthew 5. 1-12 (view all) I wonder: Who are your faith heroes? Perhaps a Saint from church history, a friend who you look up to, or someone who supported you through a difficult period. The faith hero I’d like to share with you is a little old woman from Aberystwyth called Ollie. Ollie had an incredible smile, and, as a retired teacher, she had a real heart for the young people in the…

Free at last!

In our penultimate episode from Acts today, we hear about Paul and Silas, who bring freedom to an unnamed slave girl from spiritual possession, and yet, as a consequence, find themselves in a very physical captivity, as they are thrown into jail overnight. So, what does it mean to be set free? Why is it that in our time we still find ourselves enslaved in so many ways? And how can the chains which bind us today be worked loose, and their hold on us broken?

In the same boat

Amongst our readings for Creation Sunday, this morning’s gospel tells the famous story of Jesus and his disciples in the boat on the lake. How might this episode in the life of Jesus and his disciples be a metaphor for our lives today? And how might we learn to trust God in stormy times?

A New Teaching

The Fourth Sunday of Epiphany Readings: Deuteronomy 18.15-20; Psalm 111; Revelation 12.1-5; Mark 1.21-28 (view all) At school, there were always two kinds of teachers: those who carried themselves with authority and those who, sadly, just didn’t. I remember particularly a married couple who both taught history across the hall from one another at my secondary school. They were both very different, the one classroom being silent unless you were answering a question, and the other always full of joyful…

God of Transformation

The Third Sunday of Epiphany Readings: Genesis 14.17-20; Psalm 128; Revelation 19.6-10; John 2.1-11 (view all) In many ways, the last couple of weeks in our ministry area have been a mix of emotions, of joy and sorrow. I wanted to share with you, though, one of the times of great joy this week, when we had sixty children from Lakeside Primary School come to visit All Saints Cyncoed. They thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent with us, and the church was full…

The Joy of Being Found

The Second Sunday of Epiphany Readings: 1 Samuel 3.1-10; Psalm 139.1-6, 13-18; Revelation 5.1-10; John 1.43-51 (view all) It’s funny, the memories we have that stick with us. I still have a vivid memory of the first time I got ‘lost’ in a shop. I couldn’t have been older than about six or seven, and as we were browsing around a department store I was distracted by a video game which was playing on the screen at the end of…