Media on Hebrews

Media on Hebrews

Sunday 31st January

Candlemas Join us for our online Eucharist as we celebrate the Feast of Candlemas! 🕯 👩‍🍼 Hear Anna and Simeon’s response to encountering the infant Christ in the temple in our gospel reading. 💒 Draw near with others who are searching for a sense of God’s light and love in our world today. 🥖🍷 Join in our celebration of the Eucharist from where you are, and have the opportunity make your own spiritual communion.

All are welcome

‘All are welcome’ — words we sang a few moments ago. But words which are very often much easier to say or sing than they are to live and practice. So, as we reflect on this morning’s readings, how can we practice welcoming hospitality to others, especially those who are different from us? How can we truly ‘welcome all’?

By Faith

When we trust that God is actually truly good, then we can believe that God wants only the best for us. And when we see through God’s eyes, we can let go of where we are now in order to journey towards the plan that God has for us. We can live now, in the light of eternity.‬

Never Again (Remembrance)

2nd Sunday of the Kingdom Readings: Jonah 3. 1-5, 10; Psalm 62. 5-12; Hebrews 9. 24-28; Mark 1. 14-20 (view all) At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the Armistice was signed, bringing to an end the First World War. The four years and three months of the Great War were characterised by brutal trench warfare and near constant bombardment. During this time somewhere between 750,000 and 1 million British soldiers gave their lives, with a…

Simple Faith

1st Sunday of the Kingdom Readings: Deuteronomy 6. 1-9; Psalm 119. 1-8; Hebrews 9. 11-14; Mark 12. 28-34 (view all) I have a real problem with writing long sentences. Particularly when I was studying for ordination, I used to ask my wife Amy to proofread my essays, and she’d often have to cut down the huge sentences I’d written which were sometimes three or four lines long. It was always a difficult process having to choose what to prioritise, what…

A Life Changed

Last Sunday after Trinity Readings: Jeremiah 31. 7-9; Psalm 126; Hebrews 7. 23-28; Mark 10. 46-52 (view all) One of the wonders of modern technology is ‘call screening’ — you can now see who is phoning you before you take their call. I wonder whether, for whatever reason, you ever see who’s calling and decide to ignore it. Perhaps because you know it’s a marketing call, or because you’re busy, or don’t have time for that person. I know I’ve…

Freedom to Serve

Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity Readings: Isaiah 53. 4-12; Psalm 91. 9-16; Hebrews 5. 1-10; Mark 10. 35-45 (view all) Not long ago, Amy, Evie and I went across to St Fagan’s for the day, and discovered that they have a new attraction — a high ropes course! You are harnessed in and taken up a long staircase until you are at the tops of the trees, and then have to negotiate your way around various tightropes and other obstacles, ending…

The hour has come

Passion Sunday Readings: Jeremiah 31.31-34; Psalm 51.1-13; Hebrews 5.5-10; John 12.20-33 (view all) One of the most difficult funerals I’ve had to take in my ministry so far, was for a young man in his twenties who had died of a drug overdose. It was one of those situations as a minister where there is just nothing you can say, and even finding any words to express that family’s grief, not just for their son but also for all their dreams…