Media on Ezekiel

Media on Ezekiel

God of the Poor

The Feast of Christ the King Readings: Ezekiel 34. 11-16, 20-24; Matthew 25. 31-46 (view all) At one stage a few years ago, my daughter Evie had a favourite phrase whenever something didn’t go her way — ‘It’s not fair!’ Whether it was being denied a treat or being told she couldn’t do something that she really wanted, in her mind straight away, her fairness alarm was triggered. As human beings we often bring a strong sense of fairness to…

Love Embodied

In today’s gospel reading, we find Simeon and Anna encountering God in the infant Jesus in a dramatic way. What can we learn from their encounter? And what might it mean for us to encounter Jesus in that same personal way, in our lives today?

Vulnerable Mission

Sixth Sunday after Trinity Readings: Ezekiel 2. 1-5; Psalm 123; 2 Corinthians 12. 2-10; Mark 6. 1-13 (view all) I’ve always been fiercely independent — my parents tell me that growing up my catchphrase was always ‘I can do it myself!’ In fact, there’s one famous story from when I must have been around five or six years old, and my parents had decided to redecorate my bedroom in our brand new house. So we went to the shops together…

Motivated by Love

Third Sunday after Trinity Readings: Ezekiel 17. 22-24; Psalm 92. 1-4, 12-15; 2 Corinthians 5. 6-10, 14-17; Mark 4. 26-34 (view all) Some of you may well know that earlier in the year I turned thirty. Lots of people, including my younger brother and sister, were jokingly asking me whether I feel old now. But to be honest, it didn’t feel like that big a step at all. However, a few years ago when I was just on the cusp…