Pray At Home

Pray At Home

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all public worship has been suspended until further notice. However, this does not prevent us from being able to pray and worship where you are, either on your own or as a household.

Services on Facebook

On our Facebook Page:

  • Every day at around 9.30am, we will stream a short set of five minute prayers for the day.
  • Each Sunday, we will be posting a 15-20 minute video service.

You can also participate in our online Lent course by joining our Ministry Area Facebook Group.

Online Sunday School

Find family activities, which you can join in together as a household each Sunday, here:

Prayer at Home

While we can pray using any words at any time, you may find it helpful to make use of these liturgies either on your own or with your household.

You can also find more prayer resources on the Church in Wales website.

Morning Prayer

A Simple Order of Morning Prayer In Eastertide If you are praying on your own, then you can use all the words. If you are in a household group, then one person can lead the prayers, and everyone else join in with the words in bold. O Lord open our lips,And our mouth shall proclaim your praise. Alleluia! Christ is risen.He is risen indeed. Alleluia! Most glorious Lord of life,whose Son Jesus Christ conquered deathand rose victorious from the grave:may…

Night Prayer

An Order for Night Prayer (Compline) The Lord almighty grant us a quiet night and a perfect end. Amen. Glory to the Father, and to the Son,and to the Holy Spirit;as it was in the beginning, is now,and shall be for ever. Amen. Silent prayer/reflection on the past day. Holy God,we confess to you before the companyof the faithful in heaven and on earth,that we have sinned against you,against one anotherand against your creation.Forgive us in your mercy,help us to forgive…

Spiritual communion

An Act of Spiritual Communion when unable to attend a celebration of the Eucharist If a household are praying together one person may act as leader and the others as the congregation and they join in the sections in bold type.If alone read all the words aloud. You may want to light a candle before you begin, and have a bible, cross or crucifix to look at. The Lord is here. The Spirit is with us. Almighty God,to whom all hearts are open,all…

Family Prayers

Here is a selection of prayers for families to use at home during the Coronavirus restrictions. If you would like a printed version please get in touch. The sections in WHITE are for praying together. The sections in YELLOW are notes and directions. Prayer is simply talking to God. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Some people find it helpful to close their eyes and put their hands together to help them not be distracted. There are some…