Gift Day 2018

Gift Day 2018

A day of generosity, thanksgiving and prayer.

On Thursday 1st November, All Saints’ Day, we are holding our annual gift day to support the work of mission of our four churches across the Ministry Area. All Saints’ Church will be open from 8am until our Celebration Eucharist at 7pm.

During the day, there is a programme of prayer, fellowship and activities, and throughout the day there will be refreshments, spaces to pray and information available about our finances. You will have the opportunity to give towards the finances of your own individual church, and by doing so will strengthen the whole.

This has been a challenging year so far, and our finances are far from where we would like them to be. During the year, we have taken steps to reduce our outgoings, and will take steps to strengthen our income from other sources, like hall hire and fundraising. However, we still have a significant way to go to clear our historic debts to the Diocese and cover our basic expenses, so that we can then invest in our new vision: Growing God’s Kingdom for the good of our neighbours.

Please do think carefully and prayerfully about what you can contribute to our Gift Day appeal. How ever large or small your gift, it will be gratefully and joyfully received. And please also take this opportunity to drop by, learn about our finances and pray for the future of our churches and our Ministry Area.