[April Fool’s!] Evangelism Funding to transform Cyncoed Church

[April Fool’s!] Evangelism Funding to transform Cyncoed Church

Subject to final approval, we are delighted that the PCC and Diocese of Monmouth have reached agreement in principle for an ambitious bid to the new Church in Wales Evangelism Fund.

The centrepiece of the bid is to fund a complete transformation of All Saints’ Church, Cyncoed Rd, creating a new centre for animal-based mission in South Wales.

Pews and other furnishings will be removed to make way for small animal enclosures, and a new animal performance space created which will also double as a worship space for the celebration of the Eucharist.

As far as we are aware, once this transformation has been completed, All Saints’ Cyncoed will be the first petting zoo church in the UK, uniquely placed as a resource for animal-related mission in the wider Church.

Ministry Area Leader, the Revd James Henley, is delighted with the plans. ‘It will be so good to be together in God’s presence amongst all the animals’, he said, ‘and next December our Christmas nativity service will be the best in the country!’

Update – April Fool’s!

Well it was interesting, at least for a few hours, to imagine a world in which our curate’s wildest dreams had come true!

By the way – If anyone does really want to visit a petting zoo, then the best we can offer is a visit to the Revd Matt Davis’ house.

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2 years ago

I think you might have a problem with the Eucharist, as I believe that some animals cannot take alcohol. Will they remain excluded, unshriven and unblessed?

Moira Kleissner
Moira Kleissner
2 years ago

Don’t forget to leave room for the translators for the services!
I don’t think many sheep can yet speak Welsh Black Beef moo-lingo. There may be classes at the uni for them to attend.
Jersey milkers can speak Friesian and Belted Galloway – who are very intelligent can also understand a number of moo-lingos.
But chickens are very insular and can’t yet speak duck, so will need a translator.
Pig now that’s another case …………….make sure you have plenty of mud in situ.