Dry Bones – Sunday 19th July

Dry Bones – Sunday 19th July

What’s today about?

Have you ever seen a skeleton? Have you ever thought about how amazing your body is? With all it can do? With out bone we would be very floppy and if you where just bones well you wouldn’t move because you had no muscles. You would be a bit stuck without both! 

Todays story has a lot of skeletons in it! God has a special message for Ezekiel. Ezekiel was living with Gods people the Israelites far away from Israel they were in exile (being made to move far away from home) They were feeling a bit hopeless but God wanted to show them that hope was not lost. He gave Ezekiel a vision (not actually happening) of a valley of dry bones and brought them to life. Sometimes we can feel like we don’t know what to do and things a really hard but god is with us god can change situations like bringing skeletons to life. 

We’re going to hear from the Bible, pray, explore what it means to us, and have a song as well.

Hearing from the bible! 

Let’s listen to this bible story: 

You can find that story in the bible in: Ezekiel 24:15-18

Questions? Choose one of the following questions. 

What parts of the story were your favourites? 

What were the most important parts?

What did God tell Ezekiel to do to the bones? 

What did the bones mean? 

Let’s Pray, Let’s talk to God.


Your hand or a hand. 

What to do: 

Hold up your hand! 

We are going to use each finger to remind us of something to pray for. 

Thumb: We prayer for our friends and family.

Pointer: We pray for those who help lead us teachers, ministers and club leaders we ask for wisdom & support for them.

Index: (tallest finger) We pray for those of manage our county, (Government) and ask for guidance & wisdom as they help .

Ring: (weakest) We pray for those that are weak, in trouble, or in pain. We cannot pray too much for them.

Pinkie: (smallest) We pray for for ourselves & our own needs. 

Responding to the story: 

Have a go at the activity to help think about the story: 

Craft – Bones 


Dry dust bones! What good can come of them? Sometimes it can seem like nothing is going quite right! Sometimes we can face things which seem huge! This story tells us that God is with us and can turn hopeless situations around.

Make a pasta skeleton and think about how God can help us in tough times change a situation around. Maybe hang it up somewhere as a reminder that God can help. 

Things you Need: 

  • Pasta, String, Straws or anything bone like.  
  • Glue 
  • Paper (black is best though other colours will do. 

What to do:

Using the glue stick the Pasta, String or Straws on your paper try and get it as life like a possible! 

Game – Pin the body on the skeleton


Every person has a skeleton and a body. It pretty spectacularly made – all the parts working together. 

God shows that he is able to put the bodies together making them alive again. It may have only been imagined but God is able to do more than we can imagine. 

Think about how God made the skeletons like people again. If God can do that what else could he do? 

Things Needed for the game: 

  • Draw or print out two 
  • Paper 
  • Bluetack or tape 
  • Scissors (parental help)
  • Scarf or blindfold

What to do:

  • Draw a skeleton on one bit of paper 
  • and a person on the other 
  • Cut up the person into arms, legs, head and body 
  • Stick the skeleton on a wall 
  • Then blindfold yourself (ask a parent to help and supervise make sure you are in a safe place to do so)
  • Try to stick all the body parts on the right bits of the skeleton. 

Colouring Sheets: 


Think: How would you feel when the bones started rattling? 

Song idea: 

Way maker – All Star Kids 

Comment below how you got on! 

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