DISCOVERS AT HOME – Samuel is called! -17TH JAN

DISCOVERS AT HOME – Samuel is called! -17TH JAN


When was the last time you were called? Maybe it was by parent asking you to come and eat? Or maybe you got in trouble and you were called to sort it out? Maybe you’ve been called to help with something? Take some time and maybe write down the different ways which you can get called?

In our story today we think of a different type of calling: God’s calling. We’ll think about someone special in the Bible named Samuel who was called by God in a special way.

We are going to hear the story, do a craft and pray together!



  • How would you feel if you heard God’s voice like Samuel?
  • What part of the story stood out to you?
  • Do you think God calls us today?
  • What might God call us to do today?

CRAFT TIME! – Telephones

God calls us today to be his helpers in the world! While we make our telephones think about what God may call you to do! Help others? Forgive? Share your time? Give?ådtelefon-illustration.png

To make the telephone you will need:

  • Paper cups or tins (if you use tins make sure the edges are made safe e.g. with tape on them, Also an adult to punch or drill a hole in the bottom)
  • String
  • Paint, pens or pencils to decorate.

Prayer time

Use your cup phone (or even draw out a phone and writing around it)

Work together to use the phone to tell the other person something you want to thank God for, someone you want to pray for and to ask for your heart and ear to be open to where God may call you!

You may want to call someone afterwards to say that you were thinking and praying for them.



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Babs Jones
Babs Jones
6 months ago

Hi all, apologies for lateness, Eme really enjoyed listening to the story today. She said she might be a bit nervous to hear gods voice but not scared. the bit of the story that stood out was that Samuel didn’t believe that god was talking to him.
Eme said that she thinks god does talk to us in different ways and that he might say at the moment be very strong and believe things will get better.

we will be doing to craft with the telephones in the week

god bless