Discoverers at home – Promises At Candlemas – 31st Jan

Discoverers at home – Promises At Candlemas – 31st Jan

What’s today about?

Have you had to keep a promise? Try and write, draw or remember out-loud how many promises you have made. Were they easy to keep?

Todays story is all about promises the promise that God would send someone to save his people Israel (spoiler its Jesus!) God promised as well that Simeon will see this saviour before he died.

This promise was not just not just for Gods people Israel, it was also for the whole world! Today is also called Candlemas where we think about Jesus being a light to the gentiles (that’s everyone who isn’t a Jew).

Story Time!

Questions? Choose one or more of the following:

  • How do you think Simeon and Anna felt to see Jesus?
  • How do you think Mary and Joseph felt?
  • Can you remember a time someone kept a promise for you? How did it feel?
  • What does this story tell you about who Jesus is?

Craft Time – Candles and PROMISES!


Not a real candle. But one that reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world we can use it to remind us to pray and look to Jesus when things get hard.


  • Kitchen roll – Toilet roll – or just some rolled up card stuck together.
  • Paper (white, yellow, and orange if you do not have coloured card then colour some paper or card with pens)
  • Decorative Paper or pens to decorate the outside
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

How to:

  1. Take your roll and either decorate it or cover it in paper the more colourful the better, you could even draw out the story on there.
  2. Cut out a flame shape out of your collared card or what you have coloured in.
  3. Glue the flame to the roll.
  4. Put somewhere to remind you Jesus is the light of the world.
Promise challenge


  • pen
  • paper

How to:

Write down a promise you will keep for a week. It could be to help wash up, tidy your room or something else. Put it somewhere that will remind you about it. At the end of the week reflect on whether you kept the promise. Was it easy or hard?
Sometimes it can be hard to keep promises but God always keeps his!

Prayer Time – Light


  • a light (not to bright so you can look at it): torch, fairy lights or lamp. (candles could be used but only with strict parental supervision)

How to:

  1. Look at the light.
  2. Think about something which feels dark. Maybe someone is sick? Maybe your fed up of lockdown and this virus?
  3. Ask God to be light in that situation.
  4. Think about something which is light. Maybe something you are thankful for? Or something nice that has happened.
  5. Thank God for all the light we have.

A prayer:

Jesus, light of the world, thank you that you are with us when darkness is all around. Help me be a light in the darkness to others showing your love to all. Amen


Let us know how you got on!

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Babs Jones
Babs Jones
6 months ago

Eme did the activities today.
We talked about what promises we have both made, which ones we were able to keep and also any we didnt keep
Eme watched the story and said that it brought lots of joy to Simeon and Anna, it gave them peace. She said that Mary and Joseph must have been very proud and that God kept his promise by creating Jesus. Jesus was a rescuer.

We made cardboard candles and Eme has made a promise challenge to wash her dishes every day for a week without any reminders.

Eme prayed in the light of her bedroom lamp for COVID to end so we can be safe