Discoverers at home – Mothering Sunday – 14th March

Discoverers at home – Mothering Sunday – 14th March

What’s today about?

Today we are thinking about Mothering Sunday which falls every year on
the 4 th Sunday of Lent. Traditionally, it was a day when children who had
gone to work as servants were given a day off to worship in their ‘Mother’
church, the main church or the cathedral in their area. On this day they
would visit their mother and family and often take gifts.

Story Time


  • What do you think about what Jesus did?
  • What do you think it means to care for someone new in your family?
  • What do you think are most the important characteristics when you care
  • like a mother?
  • Has anyone you know welcomed you into their home like a son or daughter?
  • Who can you think of that looks after you in your home?
  • How can you say thank you to the people to care for you today?

craft time

Traditionally children would often pick wildflowers for their family or to take
to their Mother Church on Mothering Sunday. Why not enjoy a family walk
and pick a beautiful bunch of wildflowers for someone who cares for you?

If access to the outdoor space or the countryside is difficult where you are,
perhaps you might like to make flowers out of paper, like this:

You will need:
 Pink paper
 6″ Green and Yellow pipe cleaners
 Pencil
 Tape
 Scissors

Prayer Time

Today we are going to be thinking about and praying for all those people
who care for us. Can sometimes help to have a picture to look at to remind
us of our family, this can include those in our biological or adoptive family
and those in our church family and communities.
For ideas on making a family tree to pray with, try here:

When you have in mind those you’d like to pray for you might like to use
this prayer.
Loving God, thank you for all those you have sent to take care of us. For
their love and kindness, support and nurturing.
We give thanks for our: {insert the names of the people you want to say
thanks for, e.g. mother, father, auntie, teacher, godmother etc)
We pray that you would watch over them and support them to have all that
they need. Help us to show our love and appreciation in all we do and say.

Song Time!

Let us know how you got on! Both our friends in the ministry area and further!

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Babs Jones
Babs Jones
6 months ago

Eme did the tasks today because she said that tomorrow (mothers day) is my day 🙂
Eme said to be a mother you need to be kind, caring and also protect people from harm. She said that even though she doesn’t like it when i say no to her, she knows it is for a reason. Emes god mother Karli has welcomed her into her home and says that it is me and god that looks after her.

Eme has said that she has gifts to give me tomorrow to say thank you for being a mum and will also be on her very best behaviour 🙂

Eme will say a prayer this evening to all mums, teachers and friends

Our god is a great big god is Emes favourite song!!!!!!!