Discoverers At Home – Lets SIng – 21st March 2021

Discoverers At Home – Lets SIng – 21st March 2021

What is today about?

What is your favourite song? Why is it your favourite? Is it fun to sing or dance to? 

In today’s Discoverers, we will be looking at songs in the bible! There are a few places where songs are written down. For example, Mary, Jesus’ mum sings a song when she hears that she will give birth to him. There is also a whole book of songs in the bible called the psalms. They are all about God. Some are happy thanking God; some are sad asking God for help; some are about forgiveness; some are just praising God. 

Today we are going to listen to a Psalm in a song, have a go at making an instrument, writing a poem and praying as well. Welcome to everyone who joins us both from Cyncoed Ministry Area and Further!


 Question time! Pick one or more question to answer? 

  • Did you like the song? Why or why not? 
  • Have you ever made up a song? 
  • Do you have a favourite song from church or school about God? 
  • Why do people like music? 
  • Why do you think people sing songs in church? 

Song time! 

Making for smaller ones and bigger ones who want to make a noise!: 

It is fun to join in with music, and this shaker helps us do that! Maybe when you are done making it, you could shake it along to one of our songs.

Writing – Acrostic poem: 

We usually sing songs when we are happy and thankful, we sing them in church for the same reasons because we are grateful to God for his love and care. 

Have a go at writing a poem or song about God; you may like to make up some lyrics yourself, or you can use this template to help its an acrostic, so you use the letter to start the first word of your poem on that line. 

Prayer time! 

Prayer isn’t just about being quiet. You can be noisy as well! 

  • Make a loud noise: Shout something you want to thank God for.
  • Make a soft sound: Ask God for help for something you or someone you know needs help with.
  • Make a longgggg sound: Thank God for his love for us.
  • Make a short sound: Ask God to forgive us when we mess up.
  • Make a loud sound: then say Amen! (amen means we agree)

Song time! 

Let us know how you got on! Share your songs!