Discoverers at Home – Jesus enter Jerusalem (palm Sunday) – 28th March 2021

Discoverers at Home – Jesus enter Jerusalem (palm Sunday) – 28th March 2021

What’s today about?

Have you ever been excited to see something or someone? Fireworks on bonfire night? Seeing a celebrity or someone famous? Watching your favourite sport? I wonder are you quiet or loud? Usually when one of these things happens there’s lots of excitement and noise!

In our story, Jesus arrives in Jerusalem and there is lots of excitement and noise they are excited because of all the things Jesus had done and what they think he will do!

Today we will hear a story, do a craft, pray and listen to a song.

Story Time!

Question time: Pick one or more of these questions

  • What was the best part of the story?
  • Why do you think all the people cheered, laid down their clothes and waved palms?
  • What would you do if you saw Jesus today?

Craft – Palm Time

The people welcomed Jesus by waving palms we can welcome Jesus in our lives today.

Make a palm to remember Jesus coming into Jerusalem and how we can praise Jesus today as well for all the love he gives us.


  • Paper- Green is helpful but any colour.
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Scissors

Prayer Time!

Using your palm or something you can wave:

Think of some things you want to celebrate and give thanks to God for then wave your palm or wavy thing. You may want to use this prayer for the things you want to celebrate.

Jesus I want to celebrate (Say the thing) Thank you for them/it AMEN


Let us know how you got on!