DISCOVERERS AT HOME – Jesus cleans the temple – 7th MARCH

DISCOVERERS AT HOME – Jesus cleans the temple – 7th MARCH


Hello everybody! Friends in the ministry area and further!

When was the last time you were angry? I wonder if you can remember what it was about? Was it right to get angry when you did?

In todays story we see Jesus getting angry. Getting angry is an emotion like any other. It’s okay to feel angry but we need to learn to control it and know when its right to use it.

Jesus is angry because people are abusing the temple. It’s meant to be for prayer not a market place and worse some people were making a profit off others as well!

Today we will hear a story, question what it means, think about it together and pray.

Story Time

Question time! Pick one or more questions to answer.

  • What part of the story stood out to you?
  • Why did Jesus drive those people out of the temple?
  • What would have you thought if you saw Jesus doing this?
  • When might be a good time to get angry?

Activites :

Make a temple:

Above is a picture of the temple have a go at making one out of junk or draw it or anything you fancy. You can add characters from the story as well, maybe act out the scene and think about the story while you make it. Why was the temple special? How do you think the money changers and sellers felt? What do you think the disciples (Jesus’ Friends) thought about what Jesus was doing?

Prayer time

When Jesus cleared out the temple some people think it was because the money changers and sellers where ripping people off (exploiting them) so that the poorest people struggled to be able to pray at the temple. He was angry that people were being taken advantage of.

Jesus tells us to love our neighbour and treat others as we treat ourselves. Sadly this doesn’t always happen, can you think of an example where it seems people aren’t loved or treated fairly?

Ask God to help them or you could write or draw your prayer for them. Ask God to show you how to help them too, then act on it. You may want to look up some ways that you can make a difference like writing to your local councillor or MP or even signing a petition.


Tell us how you got on !

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Babs Jones
Babs Jones
4 months ago

Hi Eme did the activities a day early, hope that’s ok?

Story- Eme said that she was upset that they were selling the animals and was so glad Jesus came to their rescue. She said Jesus drove them out to protect the animals and would have done the same herself.

Prayer – Eme feels angry that her teachers havent had the vaccine yet and is very upset about it