DISCOVERERS AT HOME – Creation – 7th Feb

DISCOVERERS AT HOME – Creation – 7th Feb

Whats Today about?

What is your favourite animal? What is your favourite place? Who is your favourite person?

There are so many wonderful things that are in this world in our story today we hear about God making the world and it all being good! Sometimes things can get messed up and people don’t look after Gods world. Pollution and global warming are big issues for our world. God asks us to look after his world. How can you do that today?

Today we will think about Gods creation how we can be thankful for it and how we need to look after it!

Story Time!


  • What was the best bit of this story?
  • What does the story tell you about creation?
  • Whats your favourite part of creation?
  • How does it feel to know God made everything good?

Challnge – Scavenger hunt !

This week instead of a craft go for a walk! Use this list below or make your own to see what you can find out and about on your walk. Why not take photos of what you find. Think about how God made it all. What impresses you the most?

  • A stone
  • A leaf
  • Something wet
  • A Bird
  • A squirrel
  • Something long
  • Moss
  • Something Yellow
  • A big tree
  • An Insect

Can you see any litter? How does it make you feel? If your grown up says it’s ok why not take an empty carrier bag with you to carefully pick up some rubbish to put in the bin or recycling. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after.

You may want to watch this video about plastic bottles to see how our actions have consequences:

A Prayer For the WOrld

Make an earth! Using anything you like you could paper mache a ballon and paint it, or draw an earth, even use something like clay or play dough.

When you have made your earth think about all the good things in the world and thank God for them. Ask God to help people look after his world. You may also want to ask God to help those who struggle with lack of safety, food and shelter.

A prayer you may like to use:

God we thank you for all the good things you give us (you may want to say here the things you are thankful for) Help us to share well so that no one goes without. Amen


Let us know how you got on!