Services Cancelled – Covid-19 / Coronavirus Response

Services Cancelled – Covid-19 / Coronavirus Response

Dear all

I’m writing to let you know that, on the instruction of the Bishops of the Church in Wales, we are today suspending all our upcoming services, groups and events in the Ministry Area, including Sunday services, until further notice. In addition the Ministry Area Office will be closed to the public during this period.

While these steps are necessary to safeguard everyone, in particular those who are most vulnerable, this most certainly does not mean that the ministry of the Church in our Ministry Area will cease.

We have already begun to work on plans to enable you to continue to pray and practice your faith at home, as well as to be able to care for and support one another, and those in our local communities.

What will this look like?

1. Nurturing Faith

  • Although we will be unable to meet for worship in person, we will be posting regular videos and other content online on Facebook and our website in the coming days, to enable all of us, including children and young people, to continue praying and growing in faith. Our Lent groups will also continue, but through Facebook discussion.
  • For those who aren’t internet users, we will be printing and distributing written material including resources for daily prayer and bible study.

2. Growing Together

  • Although in-person pastoral visiting will now cease until further notice, we will be working together to develop a telephone ministry, to enable us to care for and support each other, particularly those who are worried or lonely.

3. Strengthening Communities

  • Linking up with other online groups which are emerging, we will be building a team of volunteers who are willing to offer practical help to those who are self-isolating in our community, for instance by helping with shopping and other essentials.

Will you miss the opportunity to pray and worship together? Then keep in touch on Facebook and contribute to what we are doing, or get in touch to ask for a printed pack.

Would you appreciate a call from a friendly voice to see how you are doing? Or could you give some time to call others? Then get in touch to be part of our telephone ministry.

Do you need some practical assistance, or could you help others? Then let us know.

We want to continue to be there for one another during this difficult and unexpected time, and we’d love to invite you to join us, whether online or over the phone.

With all my love and prayers


The Revd James Henley
Leader, Cyncoed Ministry Area