Ascension Sunday – 24th May

Ascension Sunday – 24th May

What’s today about?

Have you ever had to wait for something important or for something you were excited for? 

Jesus was about to go home to heaven when he told the disciples to expect something amazing to happen but they needed to wait, they needed to have hope. I’m sure you can relate to that as we are all in a time of waiting now, waiting for isolation to be lifted, waiting to see our friends, family, return to school again. 

We’re going to hear from the Bible, pray, explore what it means to us, and have a song as well.

Hearing from the bible! 

Let’s listen to this bible story: 

You can find that story in the bible in: Acts 1:1-11

Questions? Choose one of the following questions. 

What parts of the story were your favourites? 

What were the most important parts?

Would you be excited or sacred when Jesus accessed? 

What can’t you wait to do after lockdown? 

Let’s Pray – Empty Chair 


  • Chair 
  • Pens 
  • Paper 

What to do: 

Is there someone that you miss?

The disciples missed Jesus but soon God sent the Holy Spirit to be with them. We are reminded that although we miss people, we love God and He is with us and loves us. 

Find a chair and put it someplace in the room but leave it empty to remind us of the person you miss. 

Grab the paper and pens and write a name or draw a person you miss and put it on the chair. If you can’t think of someone maybe write something you miss doing. 

Say thank you to God for the good memories of those we miss. We can also talk to God about how sad we feel at missing them. 

You could keep the chair there as a reminder of those we miss. 

Note to parents: If someone has died in the family this maybe a way of helpfully exploring those emotions of loss. Also there maybe sadness and that is okay. 

Responding to the story: 

Have a go at the activity to help think about the story: 

Craft – bubble painting clouds

The disciples could have spent all their time looking to see where Jesus had gone but they left the hill staying together and prayed. They had hope of what could happen, hope that Jesus would return after he had gone to be with God in heaven. What do you hope for?

Make the bubble cloud picture to help think about what we hope for. 


  • non-toxic paint
  • bubble solution or dish soap and water
  • bubble wands or plastic straws
  • cups or small bowls
  • Thick paper or cardstock
  • tablespoon

What to do:

Follow the instructions here as to how to make the painting

Think: What do you do when something doesn’t happen that you hoped would?

Colouring Sheets: 



Think: What do you do when you miss someone?

Song idea: 

Rend co Kids: Rise up and shine. 

Comment below how you got on! 

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