A Big Picnic! Week 1

A Big Picnic! Week 1

Have you ever been for a picnic? What did you have to eat? Can you imagine going somewhere and getting really hungry? Can you imagine if someone shared their food with you? 

Well in todays story that’s what happens Jesus takes a little boys lunch and shares it with over 5000 people!

Story Time


What was your favourite part of the story? 

What would you change in the story if you could? 

Would you have been willing to share your food? 


Get something tasty and give it a chew – Thank God for all the good things in life.

Get something not so tasty and give it a chew – Ask God to be with you and those you love when bad things happen. 


Jesus fed a lot of people! This tells us that God want to feed those who are hungry. He multiplied the bread and fish till there was plenty and even a bit more left over as well. 

In our craft we will make some “bread” Well this is not bread but it appears pretty quick and we can pretend right? Give making a mug cake ago and think about how God wants no one to go hungry. How could you help those who are hungry?


Let us know how you got on!