Posts from June 2020

Posts from June 2020

Tales of the Sea – Jesus Walks On Water – 27th June

What’s today about? Who likes doing new things? How did you feel?  In our story today Peter sees Jesus walking on water! He wants to go out to meet him but he has never walked on water before. He needed faith that God would be with him and that he could do it. Faith is trusting in something. We can have faith in lots of things that both big and small like faith our shoes are where we left them…

Online Sunday school – Be still – 19th June

What’s today about? Have you ever been worried? What made you feel better?  In today’s story Jesus’ friends were worried! Really worried, even afraid! They were out in their boat when a huge storm came across the sea. They thought they would die! BUT Jesus calmed the storm and they calmed down as well.  We can be worried and afraid sometimes, maybe you’re worried to go back to school? Or to do something new? Jesus is with us like He…

Online Sunday school – We Are Sent

If you would like to join us each week we are live on Sundays at 2pm over on: What’s today about? Have you ever been given a job to do? What was it? How did it go? In our story today Jesus gives his friends an important job. They had been following Jesus around for a while watching what he did, hearing what he said and being guided by him. Jesus asked them to go out on their own…

Friday (05/06/20)

Join us for today’s Daily Reflection from Revd Matt, reflecting on how to love those who are different to us.

Online Sunday school – TRINITY SUNDAY

What’s today about? Where do you live? Who lives with you? Who lives in your community? In our story Jesus (God the Son) gives His friends special instructions to live like Him and to do what He did and tell everyone about God’s love for them: baptising (sprinkling or covering them with water) in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christians believe that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit all equal, all God. We call this…

Tuesday (02/06/20)

Here’s today’s Daily Reflection, discussing what Jesus meant when he said, ‘Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’, and why it doesn’t mean what you might think, in the light of events in the US in the past week.