The Season of Easter

Join us online or in person as we mark sacred time, acknowledging the presence of the risen Christ among us.

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256 Cyncoed Road CF23 6RU

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During this period, our Ministry Area finances have taken a real hit. You can help to support our ministry, and our work in the local community, by making an online donation.

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Easter Day

Sunday 4th April 2021 Join with us for our Easter Day online service! 🌅✝️💒 🤝 Wherever you are and however you’re doing, we’d love to welcome you. 🕯 Mark some sacred time along with others, as we nurture the life of Christ within us. 🙏 Seek God’s help for those who are on your heart today.

Maundy Thursday

Thursday 1st April 2021 Join us for our Maundy Thursday online Eucharist, as we commemorate the Last Supper ✝️ 📖 Journey with us through the events of Jesus’ final night with his friends, before his crucifixion. ❤️ Draw near with others who are searching for a sense of God’s love in our world today. 🥖🍷 Join in our celebration of the Eucharist from where you are, and have the opportunity make your own spiritual communion.

Recent Updates

Discoverers at home – Easter Day – 4th April 2021

Whats today about? Whats the best news you ever had? How did it feel? Was it a surprise? Easter is about the death of Jesus and what surprised his followers was that he didn’t stay dead. He rose from the grave! God brought him back to life. He died so that we can have a life with God forever. Jesus’ friends started the day sad that they had lost Jesus but … SUPRISE! It turned into a happy day. Today…

Discoverers at Home – Jesus enter Jerusalem (palm Sunday) – 28th March 2021

What’s today about? Have you ever been excited to see something or someone? Fireworks on bonfire night? Seeing a celebrity or someone famous? Watching your favourite sport? I wonder are you quiet or loud? Usually when one of these things happens there’s lots of excitement and noise! In our story, Jesus arrives in Jerusalem and there is lots of excitement and noise they are excited because of all the things Jesus had done and what they think he will do!…

Discoverers At Home – Lets SIng – 21st March 2021

What is today about? What is your favourite song? Why is it your favourite? Is it fun to sing or dance to?  In today’s Discoverers, we will be looking at songs in the bible! There are a few places where songs are written down. For example, Mary, Jesus’ mum sings a song when she hears that she will give birth to him. There is also a whole book of songs in the bible called the psalms. They are all about…


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