Together in Spirit

Join us for our online services, as we support one another through this difficult period.

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256 Cyncoed Road CF23 6RU

Covid-19 Update

We are now in the process of beginning to resume some limited activities, with appropriate measures in place.

Online Giving

During this period, our Ministry Area finances have taken a real hit. You can help to support our ministry, and our work in the local community, by making an online donation.

Online Sunday School

A Big Picnic! Week 1

Have you ever been for a picnic? What did you have to eat? Can you imagine going somewhere and getting really hungry? Can you imagine if someone shared their food with you?  Well in todays story that’s what happens Jesus takes a little boys lunch and shares it with over 5000 people! Story Time Questions? What was your favourite part of the story?  What would you change in the story if you could?  Would you have been willing to share…

Daniel In the Lions Den – Sunday 26th July

What’s today about? What are some things you know you should do; that are right things to do? Try to list them or write them down.  Now imagine if someone told you not to do them? Would you?  In our story today, God friend Daniel is told that he should not pray to God anymore otherwise he would be in big trouble – being fed to lions kind of trouble! Daniel knew what the right thing to do was. Would…

Dry Bones – Sunday 19th July

What’s today about? Have you ever seen a skeleton? Have you ever thought about how amazing your body is? With all it can do? With out bone we would be very floppy and if you where just bones well you wouldn’t move because you had no muscles. You would be a bit stuck without both!  Todays story has a lot of skeletons in it! God has a special message for Ezekiel. Ezekiel was living with Gods people the Israelites far…


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