Lent in Lockdown

Join us online as we journey together through the Season of Lent.

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During this period, our Ministry Area finances have taken a real hit. You can help to support our ministry, and our work in the local community, by making an online donation.

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Sunday 21st February

First Sunday of Lent Join us as we gather together for this Sunday’s online service! Come start Lent, a time of reflection, before we arrive at Easter together online. 💒 ❤️ Join with others across our Ministry Area family as we strengthen and sustain one another. 💧Listen the the story of Jesus’ baptism and temptation in the wilderness, and reflect on what it means for us today. 🙏 Take time in your week to stop, reflect and pray together giving…

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 17th February Join with us on Ash Wednesday as we begin the Season of Lent together! ✝️ 🙏 Through poetry, music, readings and prayer, we will reflect on our own human frailty, and our need for God’s love to sustain and heal us. ❤️

Sunday 14th February

Transfiguration Sunday Looking for a way to feel part of something bigger than yourself? Join us as we gather together for this Sunday’s online service! 💒 ❤️ Join with others across our Ministry Area family, and neighbouring parishes, as we strengthen and sustain one another. 🗻 Hear the account of the Transfiguration, as Jesus’ glory is revealed in dazzling light on the mountaintop, and his four friends are caught up in awe and wonder. 🕯 Explore what it means to…

Recent Updates

Discoverers At Home – St David’s Day – 1st March

Whats today about? Today is all about Saint David. Today is the day we remember him – March 1st. It’s also a time to remember everything Welsh. How many Welsh things can you list? Saint David was a very important man he did lots of wonderful things. But he was humble he said to “remember the little things.”. St Paul wrote a letter to some Christians he knew in Colossae, the book is called Colossians in it he says “You…

DISCOVERERS AT HOME – Jesus takes on a challenge – 21st FEB

Whats today about? Temptation! Do you know what it means? Can you name some things you maybe tempted to do? Jesus was tempted and challenged to do some things which he knew weren’t right and listen to someone (Satan) who wanted him to do wrong. Sometimes we can be tempted to do things we know aren’t right but God can be there to help us when we are. Today we will hear the story, reflect, make some bread, pray and…

DISCOVERERS AT HOME – Transfiguration – 14TH FEB

Whats today about? What do you see? Do you see letters or funny shapes? Try looking from a different angle or moving closer or further back from the scene… did anything change? In our story today Jesus changes in front of his disciples and some special people appear as well. Jesus wasn’t just a man, he was special, he was God’s son. Sometimes people aren’t what they appear to be the first time you see them which shows us we…


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