Together in Spirit

Join with people from across our Ministry Area for online services:

Location Details

256 Cyncoed Road CF23 6RU

Covid-19 Update

Due to the coronavirus, all of our face-to-face activities are postponed until further notice.

Online Giving

During this period, our Ministry Area finances have taken a real hit. You can help to support our ministry, and our work in the local community, by making an online donation.

Sunday Services

Sunday 28th June (Trinity III)

Our online service for Sunday 28th June, exploring how God is with us in acts of kindness and hospitality. You are God’s gift to the world! How will you be a blessing to others? Online Giving With face-to-face services and activities suspended, there has been a significant negative impact on our church finances this year. You can help by continuing to donate to our work online:

Sunday 21st June (Trinity II)

Join us as we gather online at 10.30am for our Sunday service, exploring why the power of faith is strongest when we are at the end of ourselves. Find the strength to keep going, by worshipping alongside others online. Have the chance to pause, reflect and pray. Explore how to find new life, by surrendering our baggage to Jesus. Our hope is that by the end of today’s service you will be refreshed and challenged to be fully alive during…

Sunday 14th June (Trinity I)

Join us live at 10.30am for this week’s online service, exploring the Church’s role in growing God’s kingdom. Connect with others who are trying to live faithfully in these challenging times. Have the chance to pause, pray and reflect. Learn how to play your part in strengthening your local community. 🙏 We pray that you at the end you will feel refreshed, renewed and challenged for the week ahead. And if you can’t join us live in the morning, then…

Online Sunday School

Online Sunday school – The Lost Sheep

What’s today about? Have you ever been lost? How did it feel?  Our story today was told by Jesus about a lost sheep and a Shepherd going looking for it. God is a little bit like the Shepherd look for lost sheep. Being a Christian (following Jesus) is not about how good you are but knowing God finds us and loves us no matter where we are.  We’re going to hear from the Bible, pray, explore what it means to…

Tales of the Sea – Jesus Walks On Water – 27th June

What’s today about? Who likes doing new things? How did you feel?  In our story today Peter sees Jesus walking on water! He wants to go out to meet him but he has never walked on water before. He needed faith that God would be with him and that he could do it. Faith is trusting in something. We can have faith in lots of things that both big and small like faith our shoes are where we left them…

Online Sunday school – Be still – 19th June

What’s today about? Have you ever been worried? What made you feel better?  In today’s story Jesus’ friends were worried! Really worried, even afraid! They were out in their boat when a huge storm came across the sea. They thought they would die! BUT Jesus calmed the storm and they calmed down as well.  We can be worried and afraid sometimes, maybe you’re worried to go back to school? Or to do something new? Jesus is with us like He…


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